Meteors Over Korea   The air war over Korea (1950-53) is often framed around the battles between North American F-86 Sabre and Mikoyan MiG-15 fighter. Other jets like the Republic F-84, the Lockheed P-80, the Douglas F3D Skynight, F-94, and Grumman F9F Panther all had their encounters with the MiG-15, but there was one jet […]

Black Twins over Korea   Designed to replace the trusty P-61 Black Widow, the F-82 Twin Mustang was a true thoroughbred with a performance far superior to the short-lived Widow. By 1948 the P-61 had all but disappeared. In its place were the new F-82F and G all-weather fighters. The first unit to receive the […]

Back to the Future? Supersonic Flight in the Decades Ahead   On November 23rd, 2003 the last sonic boom from a passenger airliner faded over the Atlantic Ocean. The sleek, sexy Concorde would never fly again, resigned to a static existence in museums in the UK and America. After three decades of service the Mach […]

The Best Combat Aircraft of World War II   That title has to go to the de Havilland Mosquito – “the wooden wonder.” Designed as a bomber the versatile Mosquito would be used as a fighter-bomber, night-fighter, photo reconnaissance, pathfinder, courier, and anti-shipping aircraft. Through the use of nonstrategic materials the Mosquito was produced quickly […]

 F-20 Tigershark – Right Aircraft, Wrong Time?   Fast, maneuverable, easy to fly and easy to maintain the Northrop F-20 Tigershark was a remarkable fighter. Pitched as low cost with the ability to operate from short runways and take on the Soviets best, the F-20 seemed ideal for cash strapped air forces. Powered by a single […]

Boeing 2707 SST vs. Concorde   It was a super sonic challenge. When the British and French announced their plans to build the world’s first super sonic transport in 1962 the Americans were caught off guard. At the time it was thought that all future air travel would be in the supersonic realm. Leaving it […]

Multirole or multiple dead-end?   The dream of a multi-role aircraft began in World War I.  The best example is the Bristol F2B reconnaissance/fighter. Built to replace the obsolete BE2c and RE8 the Britstol F2A endured a disastrous combat debut. Armed with a forward firing Vickers machine gun and a flexible Lewis gun in the observers position the F2A was heavily […]

Brewster Buffalo – Schizophrenic Fighter The much-maligned Buffalo is a great example of a fighter that was both terrible and successful at the same time. In British, Dutch and, for a very short time, American service the tubby Buffalo failed against the faster and more nimble Japanese fighters in 1941. Often used as a scapegoat […]