Volkenrode   It was a marvel of camouflage. Of the millions of bombs dropped on Germany during World War II, not single Allied projectile landed on the Nazi’s most secret site. Located on the outskirts of Braunschweing in central Germany and surrounded by a small forest of trees and open countryside, it appeared to the […]

Multirole or multiple dead-end?   The dream of a multi-role aircraft began in World War I.  The best example is the Bristol F2B reconnaissance/fighter. Built to replace the obsolete BE2c and RE8 the Britstol F2A endured a disastrous combat debut. Armed with a forward firing Vickers machine gun and a flexible Lewis gun in the observers position the F2A was heavily […]

Brewster Buffalo – Schizophrenic Fighter The much-maligned Buffalo is a great example of a fighter that was both terrible and successful at the same time. In British, Dutch and, for a very short time, American service the tubby Buffalo failed against the faster and more nimble Japanese fighters in 1941. Often used as a scapegoat […]

Starfighter – Kill or be Killed     Throughout its service career the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter had the unenviable reputation as a ‘widow maker.’ As a pure interceptor it had no equal. Its accident rate, however, was the highest of any USAF Century Series Fighter with the Royal Canadian Air Force suffering the most. To […]

The Battle of Britain – A Victory of the “Few” over “the many?”   Often portrayed and as the “Few” against “the many”, the fighter pilots of the RAF were not the sole reason for victory during the summer of 1940. The Battle of Britain was a struggle between a well prepared fighter force equipped […]

Biography: Captain Eric Brown “It is like drug withdrawal, I imagine. You become a nuisance to your wife after you stop flying. You run around rather demented, not sure what to do with yourself. It really does have a rather powerful effect on you, because you had formerly led this high-intensity, active life. While the end […]

If you are a fan of the History Channel and/or the Military Channel, you will enjoy AeroCinema. I have watched countless hours of television on these two channels, and I was glad to see that AeroCinema actually had video footage I had never seen. There is a lot of original footage, and it often has […]