Meteors Over Korea   The air war over Korea (1950-53) is often framed around the battles between North American F-86 Sabre and Mikoyan MiG-15 fighter. Other jets like the Republic F-84, the Lockheed P-80, the Douglas F3D Skynight, F-94, and Grumman F9F Panther all had their encounters with the MiG-15, but there was one jet […]

Black Twins over Korea   Designed to replace the trusty P-61 Black Widow, the F-82 Twin Mustang was a true thoroughbred with a performance far superior to the short-lived Widow. By 1948 the P-61 had all but disappeared. In its place were the new F-82F and G all-weather fighters. The first unit to receive the […]

  In the skies over Oklahoma City the battle for American’s Supersonic transport program would be won or lost. During Operation Bongo II 1,2453 sonic booms were unleashed out over Oklahoma City for six months in 1964. This controversial experiment was designed to quantify the effects of transcontinental supersonic (SST) aircraft on the city and […]

Back to the Future? Supersonic Flight in the Decades Ahead   On November 23rd, 2003 the last sonic boom from a passenger airliner faded over the Atlantic Ocean. The sleek, sexy Concorde would never fly again, resigned to a static existence in museums in the UK and America. After three decades of service the Mach […]